Did I do or Say Something Wrong?

Another “no” to add to my endless job search. This time it’s from a writing business called Shortform. I’m still waiting to hear back from a job I applied for with the city of Chicago. Fingers and toes crossed as I try to stay as optimistic as only a person can. Faith, you have to have faith, Morgan. And I do, it’s just difficult sometimes to keep that glimmer of hope alive when every opportunity I seek is met with a no response or a general message of why this company has decided not to hire you for one reason or another.

But I keep going despite the odds stacked against me. I keep going because there’s some part of me that still holds out hope that one day I’ll receive a yes, and it will be the yes of a lifetime. The one I’ve dreamed of. Lately, I’ve been going with the flow. I used to have an end goal in sight, but not anymore. I’ve lost it somewhere in the constant pile of nos. Life is like that sometimes, and it isn’t about the constant rejection. Rather it’s how I respond to it. Okay, I’m lying. It is about rejection. All the “Thank you but…” or “We appreciate your interest…” has got me feeling did I do or say something wrong?

Every so often it hits me, and I get into my feelings. And if you haven’t figured out already, this is one of those times. Writing has always been my passion and always will. However, I’ve contemplated starting over several times in a different career, but I’m not sure where to begin. There’s also an expiration date when it comes to careers and the field one chooses. And I feel as though I’ve reached mine with writing. I just don’t know anymore. Life is short, and so I often think about what my life will be like once my support system is gone home to be with Christ.

I want to be able to successfully provide for myself without question. I don’t want to be mediocre/average. Do I continue receiving nos as long as I can say I tried? I have a makeshift vision board in my room to remind me of the goals I have set for myself. Instead of using pictures, I chose words. How fitting? It’s dated for 2018 until, and I have yet to see any progress made. Maybe there’s progress happening behind the scenes. Some of what I wrote didn’t happen, but I’m okay with that because it’s life, and God has the final say. After all, we are all His children.

I can’t say fully why this company or that organization didn’t accept me. What I can do is continue to push forward even if I have no idea where I am headed. God has ordained my steps and I must trust and have faith in that. So, did I do or say something wrong? Yes, because they didn’t hire me, but their loss is my gain and I will continue to apply myself until my last breath.


Take Me Home (Poem)

Four-cornered room with four-cornered walls

A head full of dreams

Eyes gazed at the stars not knowing where I’m headed, not understanding how far I’ve come

God is the only consistent thing

Lord, please take me home

Home where there’s peace all around no worries holding me down

Lord, please fix this pain inside

Lord, please take my hand

As I sit and wonder what’s next for my life I watch as the sun transcends down

The night sky appears as tears escape my eyes

Lord, please take me home where I can be me, I can be free

You Need to Have a “Come to Jesus” Moment With Yourself.

images (2)

Have you ever had a “come to Jesus” moment? With yourself? For someone else? I’ve had several, and each time I’ve learned the truth about myself whether I wanted to hear it or not. There are two things I need to acknowledge, however, before moving forward:

  1. What’s a “come to Jesus” moment?
  2. And what qualifies as a “come to Jesus” moment, who needs it, and when should it take place?

Now I know that question two was a bit loaded. But let’s address my reasoning behind this post first before answering the questions. There’s been a lot of back and forth in my life recently. Dealing with family, career, and everything in between. The only thing keeping me sane at this point is prayer and my faith. I’ve been exploring several options career-wise, going on interviews, getting rejected, and nothing seems to pan out.

And you could say well, join the club. There’s a lot of people experiencing rejection whether it’s with family, career, what have you. And you’re right, but maybe by me addressing this topic, I could help someone else out who might not know how to sort through everything. My reason for this post is because I am having a “come to Jesus” moment with myself right now.

I am acknowledging that I am not satisfied with how things are happening in my life, so this brings me to my first question: What’s considered a “come to Jesus” moment? Everyone has their own opinion, but I feel that having this sort of moment means that you’re acknowledging what is happening within your life or someone else’s life that you may care about, and you would like to see a positive change happen.

What qualifies as a “come to Jesus” moment, who needs it, and when should it take place? Acknowledging that you have certain situations happening in your life that you might not agree with, and willing to discuss it is what I feel qualifies as that moment. Anyone can have it, and it can take place anywhere. Over the phone, in person, even via email. 

Life is full of ups and downs, but taking those lessons in both the good and bad is honestly what I feel life is about. It’s about the journey. How you’ve managed to improve your life and make it better than say last year.

download (1)Improvement. Acknowledgment. Discussion. These are just three areas that I’ve been a part of in order to work through my own “come to Jesus” moment. I’ve acknowledged that there was an issue within my life, I’ve discussed that specific issue with who I needed to whether in prayer or talking with someone, and I’ve worked towards improving as best I can so that the issue/situation doesn’t linger if it doesn’t need to.

This saying “come to Jesus” moment is actually a saying that most are familiar with, but have maybe used a different saying or tactic behind getting to the resolution. Everyone’s different. This is my way of putting it out in the universe as a reminder to again, acknowledge my problems and try my best to rectify them as best I can.



Sharing Information!

Seeing that it is now February 6, 2017, I came to the realization that it has been a month since I’ve posted a new blog post on here. And, I know this is late, but welcome to the new year! I thank God for allowing not just myself but all of you the opportunity to be here and see a new year. Here’s to making 2017 the best it can be for you and yours!

My purpose for this blog post is to catch those of you who read my posts or happen to stumble across them up to speed with everything that’s been going on with me. Where do I begin? I have now become a part of the Niume community. They’re a community-driven blogging platform that allows you to posts and earn revenue. Check out my page here https://niume.com/profile/108768#!/posts.

Be subscribe to my page to stay up-to-date with my latest posts. In addition to this, I’ve also been applying for jobs. I have my career as a freelancer which I adore, but as fellow freelancers know, freelancing isn’t always guaranteed to pay the bills, so I am looking for something that will provide me with more of a financial stability.

I have also got some other exciting opportunities in the works, which I will share with you all later once things are more together on the details. I’ve also received an advance copy of author Ed Rucker’s book, The Inevitable Witness, which I will post my review on here once I have completed reading it, and that’s about it.

Oh, before I forget, for you writers, bloggers, and freelancers out there, are any of you on Niume? If so, what has your experience been like? Any tips? Likes/Dislikes?

Blessings and happy reading and writing,


When Making a YouTube Video Goes Wrong

Hey, Everyone!

Christmas is just two days away. I’m not much into the Christmas spirit this year. 😦 I’m looking forward to the new year. For those who celebrate Christmas, may you have a wonderful and blessed one!

Anyway, my cousin and I decided to create a YouTube video. The intent was to make an introduction for my channel because I am currently working on revamping it. Let’s just say things didn’t go as planned. LOL. Have a look for yourself, and be sure to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you like it and want to see more from me!




The Judge-Book Review


It’s all about redemption, or is it? Judge Walter McNeil gets a taste of karma when three gentlemen who he has convicted in the past seeks revenge on the judge once they are released from prison. The Judge written by Farin Powell is full of twists and turns that can have the reader feeling excited, upset and even forlorn. Click the image for more on my review of The Judge.

Write No More

Writing use to be therapeutic for me. It was a form of release. It helped to clear my mind. It provided me peace. The feelings that I felt regarding certain situations would spill out onto the page providing me instant gratification.  Sadly, this is no longer the case. Those same thoughts that once filled the page still lingers in my head. My mind races with no end in sight. It’s crazy. I can’t seem to find an inkling of peace/clarity. Has writing for me become a thing of the past? Honestly, I don’t know, but if I can’t find freedom in writing then why should I continue. Maybe I need to find something different to occupy my time. But what?

It’s interesting because things that use to provide me gratification aside from writing no longer do. I’m at a point in my life where I want something different, exciting, new. Something that intrigues me. I realize that none of what I use to do works for me anymore. I don’t know. I’m just immersed in my own thoughts. I have a vision of how I would love for things to be, but in time we will see.



Do You Believe In Psychics?

If you had the opportunity to know certain things about your life such as career, marriage, children, friends, and even death (YES, I said death) would you want to know, and how do you feel it would impact the decisions that you made for the rest of your life?

This question may disturb some who read it. It may even make some of you laugh, you may even say you would, and of course, you may just say no. But, it is an honest question with the intent to make you think and possibly generate feedback. I share with you my experience with visiting a psychic for the first time, which you can read further down.


Sometime last year, I had the opportunity to visit a psychic. Now, anyone who truly knows me knows that I am spiritual person. It freaks me out a bit though to think that this person is seeing into my future just by looking at me or reading my palm for example. Yet, I am intrigued because you don’t know what they’re going to say or how it will impact your life. This was my first time going and ever getting a reading done, and it was accurate for the most part. The lady who gave me my reading told me some things about my career, family, and just life in general. I didn’t utter a word to her other than hello my name is Morgan.

Now, I am not saying that this is for everyone because frankly, some people just don’t believe and have their own reasons for not wanting to do something like this. But, I am open, and while I don’t know if me getting my reading will alter my path on earth (I sincerely hope not), I do feel that everyone has a gift. Besides, I’ve always wanted to get this done, and honestly, I’m glad I did!



Friend or Foe?

Photo: gameshows.wikia.com

Photo: gameshows.wikia.com

So which one are you? Be honest. If you need to take a minute to think about it well….

I’ve thought about this for some time and wasn’t quite sure of the right words to say or whether I should even post this. I decided though, this needed to be said/addressed, and I would say/post to the best of my ability. It’s no secret. I’ve said it before. There will be times I contradict myself, and I think at some point we all have. I know you are shaking your head in agreement, and if you’re not, then you aren’t being honest.

Take a moment to look at/evaluate all the people you consider to be your friend. (*F.Y.I.: this does not include family) Are you friends with them because you genuinely care for their well-being, want to see them happy, successful, and all the like, OR…are you their friend because you intend to be a  downer and don’t want them happy, successful, or even care about their well-being?

I’ve said this before, people enter our lives for various reasons, and while some may actually be there because they are your friend, some may be there for the latter, and some may also be in your life just passing through either as a lesson, opportunity, or for you to impact their life in some way.

I once had someone tell me something along the lines of, a friend is someone I can call early in the morning with any problem and they will be there. While I somewhat agree with this, I have to say (as I am sure you know), we all have our own definition of what a friend is or should be. And if they do not fit within that “mold,” they cannot be our friend, but I have to admit that some of the unlikeliest people that we never would consider friend material, could actually be our friend.

So I ask…Are you a friend or foe?