Smiling Through the Tears

Some days it’s hard to smile through the constant tears that invade my life, but I try.

A painted on grin from ear to ear masks a past filled with pain and uncertainty, which has grown as time has continued on.

Life. This interesting thing we are discovering filled with ups, downs, twists, turns, love, and heartache.

Learning to smile through the tears takes skill not many can master.

Not many will be faced with depression, sadness, anger, confusion, and so much more because of it.

I choose to smile, but there’s this lingering thought in my head questioning why?

You’re comfortable in the darkness, in the shadows, below those that shine brightly while you claw your way trying to get to where they are because you don’t recognize your full potential.

You’re not beneath anyone. In fact, you’re above.

Creating your own lane, creating a path all your own.

But sometimes you feel unworthy as if you don’t belong.

An outcry for help goes unheard because no one truly sees you for who you are and what you can become.



One on One With Frechena Russ

Hello Everyone,

This month I posted a review of aspiring fashion stylist Frechena Russ. If you haven’t read it, view it here: I decided to follow up with that by having her discuss being in the fashion industry and sharing what advice she has for aspiring fashion stylists.

Take a look at the video here:

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Fashion Designing with a Twist: Meet Blogger and Aspiring Fashion Designer RayelleXO

There’s much to be said about someone who refuses to succumb to the circumstances that they have been faced with. Being able to utilize what most would consider a hindrance and use it as a positive proving to yourself and others that you are capable of accomplishing anything you want says a lot.

Frechena Russ at a media event


This is what Frechena Russ (Rayelle XO) has done for herself. Refusing to let having Cerebral palsy deter her from her dream of becoming a fashion designer, Russ has trailblazed a path that’s all her own creating RayelleXO: Always on the Go! – a blog showcasing various aspects of fashion from personal views to events, as well as highlighting influential individuals with disabilities.

Russ uses her blogging platform to engage and inform readers about the fashion industry and what she’s encountered along her journey. Her blog is a great start to what I feel will become an insightful and motivating go to for fashion entrepreneurs and the like.


Russ featured with two ladies at media event

While I appreciate Russ’ content, I feel as if she should have included more information about her blog, as well as provided working links to her other social media platforms so that individuals could connect with her. I also feel that adding a visual element such as videos of the different events she attends or an opening video detailing and welcoming viewers to her sight would be a great addition. Also, incorporating interviews with various fashion designers/entrepreneurs would help to highlight her blog even more. Connecting with fellow fashion bloggers or writing for fashion sites not only utilizes her skills in a different area but also can help to promote her work and what she’s accomplished thus far.


It can be tough gaining entry into any career field, and I applaud Russ’ efforts in continuing to strive for her goals and make individuals take notice of her capabilities in a world where most people tend to shy away from people with disabilities. RayelleXO: Always on the Go! is just the beginning for this tenacious, humble, and hardworking individual!

**Be sure to stay tuned for an update regarding Frechena Russ!



There’s a First Time for Everything

It’s been about two months since I posted something. I wanted to share a video with you all. I decided to try a new piece of equipment with the intent to help me with my Cerebral palsy. I’m willing to try new things and seeing as this was my first time on this machine, I have to say that I liked it.

Here is a photo of me on the machine and you can click the image to view the video footage.

Have you ever tried something new for the first time? What were your thoughts? Feelings? Share them with me in the comments section.





You Never Know Who’s Watching or Reading What You Post

It’s the small victories that can lead you to the bigger ones! I am forever grateful to all who have chosen to follow my blog, who continue to read my posts, like and share them 🙂 You all rock! And … Continue reading

Being Young and Twenty


What’s it like to be young and twenty? What’s it like to have CP? I’ve had my share of good and bad days, and in that, I also understand how blessed I am. I recently shared my story with Jennifer. She has a site called Being Young and Twenty. Head on over there to read more of my story and to check out her site.

I want to thank her for the opportunity to share my story. Hopefully, someone who reads it will feel inspired, less alone, and will return the favor in helping another. Every little bit counts.



Awareness, Acceptance and Words of Encouragement: This is Arthur Aston’s Story

I make it a point to interview individuals who feel that they have a story to be told. Those voices that go unheard, those messages that need to be spread with the hope of uplifting another. In this interview I speak with Executive Director of Build Jake’s Place, Arthur Aston about his disability, the organization and words of encouragement he has for others who have disabilities.

With October being National Disability Employment Awareness Month and Spina Bifida Awareness Month, this is very fitting. Click the image below to take a look at what he has to say…



Arthur Aston



Feeling Uninspired? These Five Simple Tips Will Get You Back On Track

Happy Feb. 1st everyone! Last month I posted a blog about feeling uninspired. (Check out: Oh Inspiration, Where Have You Gone? We’ve all been there at some point. Finding ways to bring back your inspiration can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not sure how. Take a look at my article for Darla Magazine on five simple tips as to how you can stay inspired! Hope you enjoy and happy Sunday!





I just wrote this poem titled “Soul” a few minutes ago. So without further ado, check it out below!




I want to inspire, and while inspiring I want to grow

To learn


See things I’ve never seen before



Understand and see the world through your eyes

Never taking things for granted

Enjoying every moment as if it’s my last

Touching someone’s heart

Going deep into the depths of their soul

I want to be…

A better friend, cousin, daughter, all these things and more I strive after

At times it may get bleak, but I stand tall because after all I got God in my corner

I’ll acknowledge and accept that I am blessed

Because I realize it could be different

I realize that while we are all on this earth, not everyone is given or willing to take that opportunity

That next step

Some have to make their own

Some lose their way

And like me…some are just too afraid

You see, but through it all I still chase…

After that dream

That goal

That vision that I had when I was 13 years old

To be a writer

To inspire

And in order to do all these things and more I realize that it has to start with ME.

Break Free

No introduction. I’ll let the photo and poem speak for itself.



“Break Free”

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Break free of all the ties that bind

Break free of all the worry, hurt, and guilt that has consume you

Break free of all the doubt

Doubt of the unknown

Doubt of being insecure

Break free….

Break free…

Take chances

Set goals

Live for today because tomorrow isn’t promised

See things for how they really are


Learn to forgive

To Love

To Laugh

To Cry

To be at peace with whom YOU are inside

So many of us go through life not being truly happy

Being someone else for somebody

Why must we lower ourselves to these standards?

GOD created us to all be uniquely different

So why not embrace it?

Look within yourself and reveal a side of you that has always been hidden




But most of all…

Break free and be who you truly were meant to be 🙂