You Need to Have a “Come to Jesus” Moment With Yourself.

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Have you ever had a “come to Jesus” moment? With yourself? For someone else? I’ve had several, and each time I’ve learned the truth about myself whether I wanted to hear it or not. There are two things I need to acknowledge, however, before moving forward:

  1. What’s a “come to Jesus” moment?
  2. And what qualifies as a “come to Jesus” moment, who needs it, and when should it take place?

Now I know that question two was a bit loaded. But let’s address my reasoning behind this post first before answering the questions. There’s been a lot of back and forth in my life recently. Dealing with family, career, and everything in between. The only thing keeping me sane at this point is prayer and my faith. I’ve been exploring several options career-wise, going on interviews, getting rejected, and nothing seems to pan out.

And you could say well, join the club. There’s a lot of people experiencing rejection whether it’s with family, career, what have you. And you’re right, but maybe by me addressing this topic, I could help someone else out who might not know how to sort through everything. My reason for this post is because I am having a “come to Jesus” moment with myself right now.

I am acknowledging that I am not satisfied with how things are happening in my life, so this brings me to my first question: What’s considered a “come to Jesus” moment? Everyone has their own opinion, but I feel that having this sort of moment means that you’re acknowledging what is happening within your life or someone else’s life that you may care about, and you would like to see a positive change happen.

What qualifies as a “come to Jesus” moment, who needs it, and when should it take place? Acknowledging that you have certain situations happening in your life that you might not agree with, and willing to discuss it is what I feel qualifies as that moment. Anyone can have it, and it can take place anywhere. Over the phone, in person, even via email. 

Life is full of ups and downs, but taking those lessons in both the good and bad is honestly what I feel life is about. It’s about the journey. How you’ve managed to improve your life and make it better than say last year.

download (1)Improvement. Acknowledgment. Discussion. These are just three areas that I’ve been a part of in order to work through my own “come to Jesus” moment. I’ve acknowledged that there was an issue within my life, I’ve discussed that specific issue with who I needed to whether in prayer or talking with someone, and I’ve worked towards improving as best I can so that the issue/situation doesn’t linger if it doesn’t need to.

This saying “come to Jesus” moment is actually a saying that most are familiar with, but have maybe used a different saying or tactic behind getting to the resolution. Everyone’s different. This is my way of putting it out in the universe as a reminder to again, acknowledge my problems and try my best to rectify them as best I can.




One on One With Frechena Russ

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This month I posted a review of aspiring fashion stylist Frechena Russ. If you haven’t read it, view it here: I decided to follow up with that by having her discuss being in the fashion industry and sharing what advice she has for aspiring fashion stylists.

Take a look at the video here:

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I’m Not A Daddy’s Girl.

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I’m not a daddy’s girl by far. I am closer to my mother, but the other day after spending some time with my father, I realized that we can put our differences aside and have a civil conversation. I appreciated the advice he gave me on relationships and life in general. My mother has provided me with similar advice, and while I definitely appreciate what she had to say, sometimes it helps to receive the same advice but from someone else who you feel can provide you with another insight into whatever it is you may be going through. This goes back to my Independence post. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you. Life isn’t perfect. We all go through situations, but taking something positive from it and moving forward is what counts.

I wanted to share this post for several reasons. One being, that you can get sound advice in and from the most unlikeliest places. Reason number two is because I’ve learned that in order to grow, move forward, and better yourself, you have to let go of past situations/people that may have hurt you in order for you to find peace and solidarity.  And three, which I strongly believe is the most important of all the things I’ve mentioned thus far, you MUST ALWAYS keep your faith in knowing that everything will work itself out for the better. I am still navigating this thing we call life. Still trying to figure out how to fix and put certain things. As I’ve stated before, sometimes the beauty in things is not knowing and just taking a risk, and figuring out as you go! I may not have it all put together, but who does?

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