You Need to Have a “Come to Jesus” Moment With Yourself.

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Have you ever had a “come to Jesus” moment? With yourself? For someone else? I’ve had several, and each time I’ve learned the truth about myself whether I wanted to hear it or not. There are two things I need to acknowledge, however, before moving forward:

  1. What’s a “come to Jesus” moment?
  2. And what qualifies as a “come to Jesus” moment, who needs it, and when should it take place?

Now I know that question two was a bit loaded. But let’s address my reasoning behind this post first before answering the questions. There’s been a lot of back and forth in my life recently. Dealing with family, career, and everything in between. The only thing keeping me sane at this point is prayer and my faith. I’ve been exploring several options career-wise, going on interviews, getting rejected, and nothing seems to pan out.

And you could say well, join the club. There’s a lot of people experiencing rejection whether it’s with family, career, what have you. And you’re right, but maybe by me addressing this topic, I could help someone else out who might not know how to sort through everything. My reason for this post is because I am having a “come to Jesus” moment with myself right now.

I am acknowledging that I am not satisfied with how things are happening in my life, so this brings me to my first question: What’s considered a “come to Jesus” moment? Everyone has their own opinion, but I feel that having this sort of moment means that you’re acknowledging what is happening within your life or someone else’s life that you may care about, and you would like to see a positive change happen.

What qualifies as a “come to Jesus” moment, who needs it, and when should it take place? Acknowledging that you have certain situations happening in your life that you might not agree with, and willing to discuss it is what I feel qualifies as that moment. Anyone can have it, and it can take place anywhere. Over the phone, in person, even via email. 

Life is full of ups and downs, but taking those lessons in both the good and bad is honestly what I feel life is about. It’s about the journey. How you’ve managed to improve your life and make it better than say last year.

download (1)Improvement. Acknowledgment. Discussion. These are just three areas that I’ve been a part of in order to work through my own “come to Jesus” moment. I’ve acknowledged that there was an issue within my life, I’ve discussed that specific issue with who I needed to whether in prayer or talking with someone, and I’ve worked towards improving as best I can so that the issue/situation doesn’t linger if it doesn’t need to.

This saying “come to Jesus” moment is actually a saying that most are familiar with, but have maybe used a different saying or tactic behind getting to the resolution. Everyone’s different. This is my way of putting it out in the universe as a reminder to again, acknowledge my problems and try my best to rectify them as best I can.




Seven Ways Depression can Affect Your Life

Last year, I posted a blog post and invited you In My Mind once again. In this post, I admitted that I have depression. Admitting that was difficult for me because this meant that I was allowing myself to be vulnerable. More importantly,  it was a way for me to admit something I often kept to myself, and now I had to learn to accept it and move forward.

Often times, in the African American community, there is this unspoken stigma placed upon us where admitting our problems to an outside source (psychiatrist, friend, stranger) is not supposed to be done, because we deal with our “problems” amongst our family or internally handle our own situation.

As a Black female with a disability, I have faced a lot of obstacles both from outside sources and internally. Depression is one of them, and boy is it something. Some days I am happy, other days I’m sad, angry, and then without warning, I can experience a combination all in one day. And I feel that having Cerebral palsy only assists my depression along further.

Everyone has their bad days, but I think when you’re battling illnesses like depression, your bad days tend to happen a lot more frequently and last longer than you would like. Depression doesn’t just affect the person experiencing it, it can affect everyone involved in some capacity with this person.

So, I’ve decided to include seven ways I feel depression has affected my life, and I hope that my story can encourage someone to seek the help they need, or maybe some can relate to what I have to say and would like to share or leave a comment. The point is not to stay silent, rather it’s to educate/enlighten individuals about an illness that many people struggle with and the way in which it can affect them.

Here are seven ways depression affects my life:

  1. Feeling as if you’re not worthy of success, relationships, love, etc. 
  2. The constant emotional changes.
  3. Not having the energy to complete responsibilities/goals you have set for yourself.
  4. Having difficulty explaining to a loved one, friend, etc. what is going on with you. You can’t seem to find the right words to explain your depression.
  5. The constant comparison of yourself to others.
  6. The mental battle with yourself of knowing you want to feel better and do better, but you just can’t bring yourself to do this because you’re focused on the negative.
  7. The struggle of admitting your depressed in order to seek help because you feel as if you’ll be labeled in a negative light, so you just deal with it.

Again, these are just some ways in which this illness has affected my life. Everyone’s story is different, but I hope that those of you who read this and are struggling with depression can find comfort in knowing YOU’RE NOT ALONE and that you can seek help.



Knowing How to Market Yourself and Make an Easy Transition

One must not be afraid to grow.

I appreciate all who have chosen to follow, like, re-blog or just read my posts. I have spent the past few days, no, actually a month or so in a transition period. We’ve all been at this point some time in our lives.

And the one thing that I am learning is, I cannot be afraid to grow. Growth is part of the process. I’ve had my blog a little over two years I believe, and it’s definitely been a process of just learning the ins and outs of blogging.

Social media is such a powerful tool, and blogging is one of those outlets that can help to take it to the next level because you can reach so many people with your words, videos, posting, etc. It’s all about How You Market Yourself. 

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not good at marketing/promoting myself. But, I am willing to learn how to do just that to take my brand to the next level. I will be spending some time reconstructing things and this includes my blog. I have some ideas of what I would like to do, but I’m not going to speak on them yet until things are a bit more concrete.

I’ve gotten the opportunity to do some AMAZING things from interviews, book reviews, to ghostwriting, and I know that more opportunities are ahead! Visit here: for my work.

Once again, I thank all of you who have been a part of this journey with me and hopefully will continue to. Never let fear or someone’s opinion deter you from all that you are capable of.





Where’s The Support? It’s Ok to Support One Another

Often times, we find ourselves caught up in our own lives that we can forget to stop and support each other. Often times, we can harbor so much anger, resentment, and even hate, yes, I said hate, towards one another for the most unnecessary reasons: their amount of success, the fact that they’re happy, because of their family dynamic, relationships, etc. But WHY does it have to be this way? What happened to uplifting and congratulating one another on our successes? Why does one person have to dislike another for something that they’re doing/have?

More importantly, what happened to helping one another learn and grow. Each one, teach one, right? If you are successful within a certain area of your life, why not grab that person who’s interested in learning how you have completed what it is that they are seeking, and teach them how you did it? Knowledge is POWER! I’ll say it again, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Sometimes all it takes is one person willing to help show you the way, sometimes all it takes is a simple thank you, a smile, a “you’re doing an excellent job” to make a person feel as if their time an effort was not wasted. There have been times in my career where I didn’t have that support, but I continued on, and eventually found the answer to what I needed.That’s why I am adamant about helping and supporting someone as much as I can with what they may need.

There was a saying I found somewhere on a social media site, and it went something like this: “Everyone is facing a battle we know nothing about, so be kind.” Lending a hand or your support to another could be significantly crucial to their well-being. Who knows what the impact of supporting one another could do for all parties involved?

Instagram post by reality tv star and business woman, Tanisha Thomas

Instagram post by reality tv star and business woman, Tanisha Thomas

Food for thought: What harm could it do to support one another?

Blessings and a Happy start to the beginning week,


October – Month of Awarenesses

October is Breast Cancer Awareness

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National Disability Employment Awareness Month


There are 231, 840 new cases of invasive breast cancer as of 2015. So many women are affected by this cancer. Mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, etc. It is important to get checked and understand that there are plenty of available resources if needed. Early detection is important. When we know better, we CAN do better!

Just as breast cancer awareness is important and should be recognized every year not just in October, National Disability Employment Awareness should be recognized in the same. As a person with a disability, it can often be a bit difficult but I am reminded of the wonderful times whether it’s from a family member or someone I had the pleasure of meeting. While each person’s disability varies, what remains is the constant will to continue and employ and raise awareness about people with disabilities having the opportunity to gain employment in the workforce. Again, when we KNOW better, we CAN and hopefully WILL do better!

As always, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (Motivational Wordism), and if given the opportunity to provide useful and enlightening information to another you should. You never know how a person’s life maybe affected by this, or how your life could change 🙂

**Note: here are some links for more information on breast cancer awareness and National Disability Employment Awareness

Breast cancer link:

National Disability Employment Awareness




She wanted to belong so bad that she lost sight of herself

Lost sight of what’s important and who means the most to her

Lost sight of the things that made her laugh, brought her comfort

All because she wanted to fit in

No longer concerned with being an individual, standing out from so many others who change things about themselves trying to appease another

Fill a void…

Not realizing that they are the ones who must dig deep within themselves, finding the inner strength to regain their identity

When did transforming who you are to fit in become the new “it” thing?

‘Cause the way I see it, individuality has always been the “it” thing for me

Never Forget

In moments of weakness, in moments of doubt, you must…


I have been blessed to see another year, and have learned so much about myself and those around me. In my continuing journey, I must NEVER FORGET all of the things I have accomplished, and how much more I have to go. The people who’ve entered my life, and the lessons I’ve taken from them. I must never forget to stop and enjoy the simplest things that happen in my life. But in the thick of it all, I must never forget to be myself, not letting any negative energy prevent me from being my best self.



In My Mind: A Reflection of the Past, Present, and What’s to Come

April 6, 2014, I wrote a post titled Write No More (which you can view here). With this post I pretty much laid out my thoughts about writing, and my decision in no longer wanting to write because I no longer found the enjoyment with it that I once did. Since then, I’ve found myself continuing to write more than I thought I would. Looking back and revisiting that post, I realized I needed a break, but more importantly, I was frustrated. And in that frustration, in that needing a minute to gather my thoughts and figure out why I no longer had that passion for writing, I realized that it was okay to feel this way. Sometimes, we need to take time out from the very thing we love because it can become monotonous and we may no longer want to do it or feel we need it. We need that break to discover the reasons why we fell in love with it in the first place. That way, if and when we do decide to revisit our passion, we can come back committed and stronger as ever.

In realizing this with my passion for writing, I’ve also realized that I am not the only one who goes through something like this. Life is a journey, full of highs and lows. Each experience we encounter in life is filled with a lesson, a reason for understanding why we’ve endured what we have in the first place. I started this blog in August 2014. I had no clue as to what I was doing and why. I got the advice from a former boss of mine to start a blog as a means to introduce my passion for writing to the rest of the world. What started out as posts about college inquires and posts about things to get people’s attention in order to like, share, or comment on a post of mine, has turned into so much more for me.

I now post things that I am passionate about, things that I feel are significant to my life. I no longer post things as a means for someone to like, post, or share what I have to say. What I have written and will continue to write, will be because I choose to, and if it happens that people find what I have to say interesting enough to share, comment, or like, then that’s great too! In My Mind has been a continuous journey for me and I am grateful to have a platform such as this to be able to share whatever (within reason) comes to my mind. I am thankful for the people who follow my blog both new and old, who comment, and even reblog!

I’m on this journey of continuous self-discovery and it is with that that I hope to continue to have the passion and love for writing and to continue and realize that as a writer, journalist, author, blogger, and so much more that the road of possibilities, of opportunities, is endless, and with every Motivational Wordism, every Freelancing post, every Poetry post that I do, I hope to get better, stronger, and that hopefully in my sharing, I motivate someone to pursue their goal 🙂