Book Reviews

Throughout my career, I’ve had some amazing opportunities to interview celebrities to everyday folks, and have even had the opportunity to write and publish my own book. It has truly been an amazing opportunity that I do not take for granted. In continuing to expand my craft, I have now added book reviewer to my credentials. Having the opportunity to review other authors’ books allows me to once again challenge myself and expand my writing ability. And let’s face it, before deciding to read a certain book by an author, you may read the synopsis and or the review of that specific book before deciding to read it, and let’s not forget an eye-catching cover can sometimes help the cause 🙂

I have taken the liberty to provide my review of the books that are below. (Click the image to read review). All reviews are strictly my opinion. If you find what you are reading to be of an interest, and you have a book that you would like for me to review, visit the home page of my blog to read more about how YOU can submit your book to me!






download (9)






download (15)

download (16)



download (22)




download (31)




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