About Me

497a99_da7c8693e4f34f028c390b1e9bb3a0c6 I started this blog as a means to state whatever is on my mind, hence the blog title. Since starting my blog, I’ve realized that I have grown in various areas of my life, and am still growing! I love learning new things that I feel will benefit me. I like sharing what’s inside my mind for others to read and possibly learn from. This is a continuous journey that I am on, and I am thankful that many of you have decided to join me in my quest to write and say whatever is on my mind whether it be personal or just every day happenings within the world!

Oh yea, I’m a foodie, an author, I have an interest in black and white photography, I’m always up for a good laugh, I love inspiring others, and I have Cerebral palsy. So, again, welcome to the thoughts, feelings, Inside My Mind!




4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. thanks for sharing your views .. would love to see more…
    and kindly enable mobile view so that your views reaches wide range of people ..

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