“Embrace Your Creativity” – Jireh Martin

Jireh Martin is a freelance videographer and photographer who wants you to “embrace your creativity.” He’s going to school for Mass Communications and he shared with me why he chose this career field and ultimately what he plans to do once he graduates.

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One on One With Frechena Russ

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This month I posted a review of aspiring fashion stylist Frechena Russ. If you haven’t read it, view it here: https://writeronwheelz.wordpress.com/2017/06/14/fashion-designing-with-a-twist-meet-blogger-and-aspiring-fashion-designer-rayellexo/. I decided to follow up with that by having her discuss being in the fashion industry and sharing what advice she has for aspiring fashion stylists.

Take a look at the video here:

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Fashion Designing with a Twist: Meet Blogger and Aspiring Fashion Designer RayelleXO

There’s much to be said about someone who refuses to succumb to the circumstances that they have been faced with. Being able to utilize what most would consider a hindrance and use it as a positive proving to yourself and others that you are capable of accomplishing anything you want says a lot.

Frechena Russ at a media event


This is what Frechena Russ (Rayelle XO) has done for herself. Refusing to let having Cerebral palsy deter her from her dream of becoming a fashion designer, Russ has trailblazed a path that’s all her own creating RayelleXO: Always on the Go! – a blog showcasing various aspects of fashion from personal views to events, as well as highlighting influential individuals with disabilities.

Russ uses her blogging platform to engage and inform readers about the fashion industry and what she’s encountered along her journey. Her blog is a great start to what I feel will become an insightful and motivating go to for fashion entrepreneurs and the like.


Russ featured with two ladies at media event

While I appreciate Russ’ content, I feel as if she should have included more information about her blog, as well as provided working links to her other social media platforms so that individuals could connect with her. I also feel that adding a visual element such as videos of the different events she attends or an opening video detailing and welcoming viewers to her sight would be a great addition. Also, incorporating interviews with various fashion designers/entrepreneurs would help to highlight her blog even more. Connecting with fellow fashion bloggers or writing for fashion sites not only utilizes her skills in a different area but also can help to promote her work and what she’s accomplished thus far.


It can be tough gaining entry into any career field, and I applaud Russ’ efforts in continuing to strive for her goals and make individuals take notice of her capabilities in a world where most people tend to shy away from people with disabilities. RayelleXO: Always on the Go! is just the beginning for this tenacious, humble, and hardworking individual!

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There’s a First Time for Everything

It’s been about two months since I posted something. I wanted to share a video with you all. I decided to try a new piece of equipment with the intent to help me with my Cerebral palsy. I’m willing to try new things and seeing as this was my first time on this machine, I have to say that I liked it.

Here is a photo of me on the machine and you can click the image to view the video footage.

Have you ever tried something new for the first time? What were your thoughts? Feelings? Share them with me in the comments section.





Seven Ways Depression can Affect Your Life

Last year, I posted a blog post and invited you In My Mind once again. In this post, I admitted that I have depression. Admitting that was difficult for me because this meant that I was allowing myself to be vulnerable. More importantly,  it was a way for me to admit something I often kept to myself, and now I had to learn to accept it and move forward.

Often times, in the African American community, there is this unspoken stigma placed upon us where admitting our problems to an outside source (psychiatrist, friend, stranger) is not supposed to be done, because we deal with our “problems” amongst our family or internally handle our own situation.

As a Black female with a disability, I have faced a lot of obstacles both from outside sources and internally. Depression is one of them, and boy is it something. Some days I am happy, other days I’m sad, angry, and then without warning, I can experience a combination all in one day. And I feel that having Cerebral palsy only assists my depression along further.

Everyone has their bad days, but I think when you’re battling illnesses like depression, your bad days tend to happen a lot more frequently and last longer than you would like. Depression doesn’t just affect the person experiencing it, it can affect everyone involved in some capacity with this person.

So, I’ve decided to include seven ways I feel depression has affected my life, and I hope that my story can encourage someone to seek the help they need, or maybe some can relate to what I have to say and would like to share or leave a comment. The point is not to stay silent, rather it’s to educate/enlighten individuals about an illness that many people struggle with and the way in which it can affect them.

Here are seven ways depression affects my life:

  1. Feeling as if you’re not worthy of success, relationships, love, etc. 
  2. The constant emotional changes.
  3. Not having the energy to complete responsibilities/goals you have set for yourself.
  4. Having difficulty explaining to a loved one, friend, etc. what is going on with you. You can’t seem to find the right words to explain your depression.
  5. The constant comparison of yourself to others.
  6. The mental battle with yourself of knowing you want to feel better and do better, but you just can’t bring yourself to do this because you’re focused on the negative.
  7. The struggle of admitting your depressed in order to seek help because you feel as if you’ll be labeled in a negative light, so you just deal with it.

Again, these are just some ways in which this illness has affected my life. Everyone’s story is different, but I hope that those of you who read this and are struggling with depression can find comfort in knowing YOU’RE NOT ALONE and that you can seek help.



You Never Know Who’s Watching or Reading What You Post

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Sharing Information!

Seeing that it is now February 6, 2017, I came to the realization that it has been a month since I’ve posted a new blog post on here. And, I know this is late, but welcome to the new year! I thank God for allowing not just myself but all of you the opportunity to be here and see a new year. Here’s to making 2017 the best it can be for you and yours!

My purpose for this blog post is to catch those of you who read my posts or happen to stumble across them up to speed with everything that’s been going on with me. Where do I begin? I have now become a part of the Niume community. They’re a community-driven blogging platform that allows you to posts and earn revenue. Check out my page here https://niume.com/profile/108768#!/posts.

Be subscribe to my page to stay up-to-date with my latest posts. In addition to this, I’ve also been applying for jobs. I have my career as a freelancer which I adore, but as fellow freelancers know, freelancing isn’t always guaranteed to pay the bills, so I am looking for something that will provide me with more of a financial stability.

I have also got some other exciting opportunities in the works, which I will share with you all later once things are more together on the details. I’ve also received an advance copy of author Ed Rucker’s book, The Inevitable Witness, which I will post my review on here once I have completed reading it, and that’s about it.

Oh, before I forget, for you writers, bloggers, and freelancers out there, are any of you on Niume? If so, what has your experience been like? Any tips? Likes/Dislikes?

Blessings and happy reading and writing,


Christmas Dancing and Cuteness Overload!

Christmas isn’t just about giving and opening gifts, it’s about dancing and spending time with family. In this video I give you a glimpse into how my family and I spent our Christmas.



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